Manufacturer Warranty

Acton, the manufacturer of the products sold by Raven Market, provides a six-month limited warranty on its products, as per the warranty policy below. Extended warranties or product protection plans can be purchased through Raven Market and are provided by Cover Warranty.


BLINK Electric Skateboards
In the unlikely event of defect, ACTON warrants that this product will be free of manufacturing and/or workmanship defects for a period of 6 months, starting from the date the customer purchases the product from an ACTON authorized reseller or ACTON’s webstore. The ACTON Limited Warranty is available to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable. A copy of receipt must be provided. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or products that have suffered damage stemming from an accident or impact, have been exposed to abuse, improper assembly or maintenance, have suffered damage due to failure of following instructions in the owner’s manual, have suffered damage stemming from negligence, which includes but is not limited to: leaving batteries discharged for extended periods of time, water damage, or any type of damage resulting from user misuse. Tampering with components or making modifications to alter the product from its original condition will void the warranty. Parts such as bearings, wheels, grip tape, hardware, and trucks are considered consumables and wear under normal conditions, and are therefore not covered under the warranty. The use of any charger other than the charger provided by ACTON will void this warranty. ACTON reserves the right to assess all warranty claims and, at its sole discretion, to determine if defects or damages are covered by this limited warranty. In the event a claim is submitted, but is determined to not be covered by this warranty, we will provide a quotation for repair costs and return shipping costs to you. ACTON reserve the right to use refurbished / comparable value components and products in fulfilling any warranty claim.

All replacement products are covered by the standard warranty starting on the date of original delivery. If for any reason the replacement procedure extends beyond the warranty period, we at our discretion will extend the warranty coverage on such replacement up to an additional 30 days. Please be advised that this extended warranty is final and there will be no additional extensions.

ACTON gives no warranty regarding the life of the batteries used in its products. Actual battery life may vary depending on a number of factors, including usage of the product and the climate where it’s used and stored.

Your use of our products is at your own risk. You will be solely responsible for (and ACTON disclaims) any and all loss liability or damages resulting from your use of our products, including loss of life, personal injury, or the loss of or damage to computer, mobile device, and all other property. ACTON does not guarantee or promise any specific level of performance or battery life associated with the use of its products or any features thereof.

For international customers ordered directly on ACTONGLOBAL.COM
If the product malfunctions within 7 days of receipt and which cannot be diagnosed and repaired over our customer support system, will be shipped back to ACTON at our expense for repair at no charge. If the malfunction is due to quality and workmanship, the board will be repaired and return shipped to the customer at no charge.
If the product malfunction between 8 days and 6 months of receipt must be returned at the owners expense. International customers are responsible for two-way shipping charges as well as customs taxes and fees regardless of the date if return. If the problem is determined to be a warrantied malfunction vs. misuse, the customer will receive a $50 Store Credit for ACTON future purchases to compensate for return shipping charges, we will repair the board at no charge.
In any case, if the problem is determined to be related to misuse versus a malfunction, a repair quote will be provided.
For international customers ordered from local distributors, please contact their local distributor for service.

To initiate a warranty claim, please submit a ticket with the copy of the receipt. Please allow us 72 hours’ time to process your request. Products purchased through one of ACTON’s authorized resellers are subject to the reseller’s policies.
ACTON restricts the warranty service for its products to the country where ACTON or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device.
ACTON US only provides support services for models listed on ACTONGLOBAL.COM. Support services for model that are available in other countries or regions will be provided by their local distributors.
Updated on Aug 8th, 2018
BLINK Board Belt Drive version has been discontinued and effective immediately, we will no longer provide services for support tickets submitted on or after August 10th 2018.